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Kat in the Media

Kat Spiwak has been featured in many television, radio and print features, including:

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Kateryna was a guest expert on our Springtime Renewal Show - "Bring Romance & Love into your Life" - on Cosmic Coaching Centre's "Up Your Game" radio show on BlogTalkRadio.

Kateryna was professional, fun, and thought-provoking during the interview. She is very knowledgeable and insightful on dating, relationships, love, and life. She shared real-life scenarios and examples of how to rejuvenate one's dating for greater success.

A number of my clients who listened to the interview e-mailed to say they learned a lot from her. They wanted to know when she would be back on the show. We hope to have Kat back sometime soon to share more of her dating secrets and expert advice!

Cecile Peterkin,
Founder & Chief Career Strategist, Cosmic Coaching Centre

I had great luck to encounter Kat while working as a columnist for a pair of Canadian magazines, UMM and Bobbi. For each column I laid out a series of dating questions sourced from real life, and got takes from a set of experts on each - Kat was a consistent guest star who offered an expert opinion from the female perspective for every column.

I gleaned a lot from her about what constitutes real human connection, how to find it and how to value it, and I'm happy to say by extension my outlook on my own love life was a lot rosier for having met her. She was a pleasure to speak to, always insightful and candid, and more importantly, an incredibly effective dating coach.

Sarah Riley
Brand Agent, Content Producer and Promotional Strategist

I interviewed Kateryna for an article I was writing on first dates for Canadian Living Magazine. She was wonderful to work with! She offered advice that was fresh, interesting and demonstrated a genuine insight into the intricacies of the world of dating.

Christa Connell
Freelance Writer

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