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AboutKat: About Kat Spiwak

About Kat Spiwak

My Commitment

I care deeply about the hopes and desires of each person I work with, and conscientiously develop with each client a plan that addresses their unique circumstances. No issue, fear, or concern is too minor to be given full attention and consideration. I'm committed to the growth and personal success of each client. Working with me to achieve your goals, you will experience the benefits of a relationship with a skilled professional who supports her clients with sensitivity, dedication, and compassion.

The Making of a Dating and Interpersonal Skills Coach

Kat Spiwak, Dating and Interpersonal Skills Coach

Many years of dating could turn almost anyone into an expert, but only if they learn from their mistakes. After years of trial-and-error, I learned what works and what doesn't. Specifically, I learned how to avoid dating traps by spotting problem situations ahead of time, and how to apply the dating skills every single person needs for better results. After seeing the success I was having with my own dating, friends started asking me to tell them my secrets. I realized I could formalize this information and share my knowledge and techniques with other singles who date. Building on my background in coaching, training, and human resources management, I've developed the repertoire of skills and real-life experience needed to help others achieve their very own dating and relationship goals. Dating's meant to be fun, and it is when you know how to do it!

Personal and Professional Attributes: (why I stand out)

...and most importantly, in a loving, stable long-term relationship myself!

Working with me, you receive: (extras!)

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